TK Meyer Properties specializes in student housing near St. Cloud State University covering 1-4 bedroom apartments, townhomes, houses and effici


All new applicants are required to complete a Rental Application and Criminal Background Form which can be located under Forms on this site.  We will complete a lease with you at the office.  A blank copy of the lease can be found under Forms as well.

All applications are subject to approval based on the following guidelines:

  • Age 18+ – Primary applicants must be eighteen years of age
  • Co-Signer – A qualified co-signer is required
  • Driver’s License or Photo ID – Driver's license/photo ID available to be photo copied
  • Rental History - Applicants with lease violations or late rent payments may be denied. No eviction or unlawful detainer within the past 5 years will be accepted.
  • Credit Check – Applicants with consistent late payments, unpaid collection account, judgments or liens may be denied
  • Criminal Background Check – Applicants with 2 or more City Ordinance (party, noise, keg, social host, etc.) will be denied.  A charge or conviction of theft will be denied.
    A charge or conviction of drug or drug paraphernalia within the past 5 years will be denied regardless of the charge.
    A charge or conviction involving any degree of a sexual offense, regardless of the charge or conviction, will be grounds for immediate denial. Applicants with a felony or gross misdemeanor conviction within the past 10 years will be denied (with exception of a DUI or driving related gross misdemeanor).

When applying with us, please remember to bring the following:

  • $25 Application Fee – cash, check or money order
  • $250 Security Deposit – cash, check or money order
  • Driver’s License
  • All current and previous rental phone numbers
  • Co-signers fax number or email address if available
  • Deposits and application fees are required from all members of the group in order to hold an apartment